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Welcome To The Collective

Our Los Angeles-centered hub serves as a breeding ground for aspiring artists looking to take on the constantly evolving music industry.

With roots spanning the globe, we are connected, collaborative, supportive and driven to draw our introspective creativity out into the world. 


Created By Artists For Artists

We’re honored to conduct our courses in world famous, first class studios which have cultivated tracks from musical legends including: U2, Korn, Black Eyed Peas, The Red Hot Chili Peppers & Aerosmith. We couldn’t be more thrilled to continue the legacy of these proving grounds.

From the musical, technical, spiritual and entrepreneurial aspects of creating music, we’ve collaborated with our Collective to cultivate the ultimate blueprint for success.


Ableton Live

A thorough approach on how to use this complex package for the production and real-time manipulation of your arrangements. This powerful software is crucial for any aspiring producer to master.


Apple Logic Pro

An in-depth study of the music production powerhouse: Logic Pro. Understand how to unleash the full power of this industry standard platform in this course.


Keyboard Techniques

Modern day production techniques start with the keyboard controller. This course helps students, with no prior experience, attain dexterity with the musical and technical aspects of keyboards.


Studio Techniques

A study of all things related to the recording studio. History, terminology, concepts and standards; this class covers recording techniques, analog equipment, signal flow, abstract layering concepts, mixing and mastering.



What really goes into putting a song together? How do we turn an 8 bar loop into a full length track? Answer the questions you didn’t know you had here.



Starting with fundamental subtractive synthesis techniques, this class expands into the vast universe that is third-party software instruments and how to maximize them for unlimited sonic potential.


Music Business

The music business is complex and overwhelming. This 3-tiered approach helps artists formulate effective branding and marketing plans, and equips students with knowledge to navigate and protect their art against convoluted music contracts.


Art Of Flow

The only course of its kind, Art of Flow empowers musicians to unleash their maximum creative potential through introspective discussions. Learn how to overcome writer's block and continue the flow of creativity throughout the process of developing your music.


Song Writing

This course digs into the core components that make up great songs. Songwriting is examined and demystified as both a career and a process through real-world techniques provided by chart-topping industry pros.


Ear Training

This functional and philosophical ear training course goes beyond basic ear training techniques to help students understand technically and critically, what they're hearing.


Work For Hire

A critical preparation for real world techniques, this course places students into collaborative groups with weekly guidance on creating music with other people.


Production Tech

This lecture-based course explores the decision making process encountered when producing varied styles of music. Focus is placed on why, rather than how, certain techniques are used.

Studio Mentor

A weekly studio session with a professional producer to provide guidance for students while they realize the fruition of their professional careers; a real behind-the-scenes experience with some of the best in the business. Hailed as “the most important hour of the week”, this is where Mentors fill the gaps in each student’s artistic growth to ensure a tailored education, unique to each individual.



Originating in the hip-hop world, Protohype’s fusion with bass music has created a new genre, dub-hop.

"Icon to me is more than just a school, it’s a family."



Mackenzie Johnson, better known as MAKJ, recently collaborated with Hardwell on "Countdown" which went to #1 on beatport.

"I wouldn’t be where I’m at without Icon Collective."


DJ Loczi

Zach Loczi has worked with talent including: The Rolling Stones, The Black Eyed Peas, Madonna and Prince.

"Icon has a real genuine connection between the instructors and the students."
- DJ Loczi



"I came to Icon with no prior music production knowledge. Icon gave me the tools necessary to drive my work ethic in a positive, creative direction. It really is a family that I will have for a lifetime."



"Icon not only turned me into the producer, but also the person I am today. Leaving college to attend Icon Collective was the single most important decision I've ever made for my music career to date."



Icon is magical. It transformed me in ways I could have never imagined. Not only has it given me extensive musical knowledge and confidence in my own productions, but it has also given me peace and confidence within myself."


Qualifications For Admissions

Music is Art. The true essence of it cannot be owned, it cannot be sold. Music is a means to express the artist's soul, to deliver a message, to bring people together, to celebrate, to bond with and lose ourselves in the collective consciousness of the human race.

We are seeking creative individuals who represent the brand new musical age. We are looking for the artists who are not scared to express themselves with creativity, ingenuity and originality, forging bold new styles and genres with a true message.

At Icon Collective we strive to create a dynamic, inspiring and visionary educational environment for our students.

Our selection procedure takes into account talent and commitment to excellence and most candidates selected for an interview usually far exceed our minimum requirements.

The Application Process

Applicants are required to submit the following:
- Completed application
- Link to their music (soundcloud link preferred)
- $75 Registration Fee
- $500 Deposit* (Fully refundable upon non-acceptance)

Once all stated material has been submitted, our Director of Admissions will contact applicants to schedule a personal interview. 

Space is limited and spots are awarded based on our assessment of the candidate's ability and potential. All applications must be submitted by the quarterly deadline.

All deposits are fully refundable or go towards the first quarter's tuition.

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